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Roxanne Sauve


"Hey Hey everybody it's me, Roxanne! Do you want to enjoy the perfect magical vacation but not have the stress of planning it? That was me the first time I went to Walt Disney World at the age of 32. As I child, I remember watching the fireworks over the Cinderella Castle on TV and only dreamt that someday I would win the lottery and be able to go. 

Well I didn't need to win the lottery to go. With some hard work and planning, our family has been able to enjoy the magic of Disney over and over again. 


My first couple of visits to Walt Disney World were amazing but also very anxiety provoking and stressful. However, I educated myself with all things Disney and now have been successful at planning many custom trips for family and friends. As a seasoned Walt Disney World traveler, I ensure the family's wishlists are met while including room unforseen changes. You do not need to worry about missing out or about waking up early to pick your dinning and Fastpass reservations. You will provided with an itinerary and tips and tricks to save time and money, at no extra cost. 


Although my specialty is Walt Disney World and other Orlando attractions, I have planned successful trips to Hawaii, Dominican Republic, East and West coast of Canada and recently started exploring through RVing. I have a passion for researching and finding the best value so people can enjoy traveling at every budget.


Hope to hear from you real soon!"


Call me at 1-855-77-MOUSE ext 13 or email me at

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